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In response to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, we at Hudson One are committed to providing our patrons with a clean, safe, and healthy work environment and provide our support to helping our customers maintain their work and business. Here at Hudson One, the health and well being of our patrons are our number one priority.


We are implementing the following hygiene and social distancing measures, as per recommendations of local governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for our patrons. 


Prioritizing personal safety by single occupancy work tables & office suites arranged to ensure 6’ distance and added separation between occupants. 


Hudson One will provide masks at all entrances and hand sanitizing options at all entrances and at common locations like the kitchenette, copy center, toilets, etc. 


Increased cleaning frequency, especially of shared amenities like phone booths, kitchenette, copy center, meeting rooms snd toilets 


Single use cutlery, condiments, touch free hand sanitizers and other essentials


Reconfigured meeting room arrangement to meet minimum standards for social distancing


Detailed Health and Safety guidelines at key strategic locations.


 In the light of the continued COVID-19 Pandemic, we are strictly adhering to and advocate that the tenants take care of the following measure:

  1. Use a mask at all times when inside the co-working space. Disposable Masks are available for patrons who do not have a personal mask at the front desk.

  2. Patrons must confirm that they have not tested positive, have any symptoms, or been in contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days at the time of reservation. If you feel unwell or have any symptoms, we advise that you stay at home. Cancellations on reservations can be made 24 hrs prior to reservation time without accruing any fee.

  3. Wash hands with soap & water at frequent intervals. On entering the workspace, clean hands with hand sanitizer provided at the front desk. Wash/ Sanitize hand after using common utilities like Printer/ Copy machine, Kitchen appliances, etc. As much as possible use disinfectant wipes to touch any shared interfaces, like doorknobs, coffee machines, printer screen options, etc.

  4. Always maintain 6’ social distance when interacting with other patrons of the building. Conference rooms should have a maximum capacity of 4 people. For larger groups, both Conference rooms should be reserved at the same time and the partitions can be opened to give more room and have a maximum capacity of 8.

  5. In-house cleaning of all office spaces and desks will be done regularly, but we still advise patrons to wipe down any surfaces with disinfectant/ disposable wipes before starting the workday. Supplies for cleaning surfaces are available in the kitchenette.

  6. Any used masks/ gloves that are discarded should be safely done so, by disposing of them in the trash can available in the kitchenette and the lid closed down.

  7. Kitchenette should be used only to temporarily access the services available. Gathering at the kitchenette area for informal meetups should be avoided.

  8. Any guest check-ins should be notified to the Business Manager 24hr prior, to ensure that meeting rooms are reserved and the patron capacity allowed with social distancing does not exceed.

For more information on NYS guidelines for COVID-19 see:


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